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Ex Passengers

Nicolás Urban

Industrial Engineer

Nico was looking to start his international career doing his thesis project. He is specialized in Energies and is interested in European countries that have become world leaders in Sustainability. MTU Solutions a brand of Rolls-Royce, that is providing world-class power solutions, offered him a project about Battery Aging and its Recycling process. Nico today is a full-time employer of the company.

“I want to solve technical and human problems in order to generate a positive impact for both the environment and people’s lives, using natural resources and technology in a efficient, conscious & sustainable manner”

Cristóbal Hurtado

International Business, Entrepreneurship

He studied Business in the US and was planning to do a MSc in Europe. At the end he joined our Training Program in Hong Kong

Cris got offered a Trainee position by A-Hartrodt, a German Company of Transport and Logistics, that was exploring new commercial opportunities between Asia and Latin America.

At the 4th month, the company offered a job position in their offices in Hong Kong or Mexico city.

Chak Nam kuok 

This HongKongese was Invited by Mustakis NGO, to analyse from a sociologist perspective a few workshops that promote the creative awakening of youth people. Chak had the opportunity to share with professors from MIT about STEAM education and give guidance to chilean students built their own instruments visiting different cities of the country.

Global Host Organizations

“The Passengers did an excellent job selecting the right person for our organization and in the whole follow-up process. The Intern presented worked with great dedication and professionalism exceeding our expectations; so after 3 months we end up offering to join our team on full-time basis. Totally recommended!” Fernanda Soza, CHILEMASS. Boston USA

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