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About this course


This course is geared towards any aspiring global professional who wants to gain a competitive understanding of China’s business and futuristic technology sectors from the Greater Bay Area.

A short-term, digital degree program that simultaneously focuses on international business practices in China and its world-leading emerging technologies that are coming out of South China’s Greater Bay Area; China’s richest, more interconnected, inventive and commercially dynamic region.

Upon completing this course, you will understand how the business of innovation works through the lean of South China, its unprecedented growth in scale, and global dominance in various emerging technologies.

Online Mode: AVAILABLE NOW – 7 lectures hosted by The Chinese University of Technology plus 8 classes of Culture & Language. Hosted by SCUT

Abroad Mode: NOT AVAILABLE DUE COVID – Trip to China where participants will share with companies, entrepreneurs and industry experts from the area.

HOSTS: ​The Programme is hosted by Academic and World Industry experts based in GBA China.

MAIN SUBJECTS: STEM, Global Business, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Artificial intelligence, Robotics, 5G, Blockchain, Drones, Driverless, Smart cities & Chinese Language & Culture.

  • UniversityHOST South China University of Technology (SCUT)
  • Guangzhou Big Companies​ (Wechat, Honda, Xpeng Motors, Ehang, or similar)
  • Shenzhen Big companies: ​(DJI, BYD, Huawei or similar)
  • Startups/Entrepreneurs (several based in Guangzhou & Shenzhen)

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