Internship Program Abroad (5-6 months)

Be part of real-world projects, develop your potential and accelerate you career.

HOST companies based in:

United States, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Norway, Canada, Australia, Chile, Hong Kong, Singapore+

Roles: Business – Marketing – Finances – Entrepreneurship – Fintech – Green Energies – Sustainability – Computer Science – Software development – AI – Biotech+

What we do

We connect our participant’s profiles with a company interested in being the host of the program inviting them to their offices.


The company will define a specific project/tasks to be completed by the intern during a short term. There will be a supervisor/mentor checking the work process on-site.

For whom

Last year university students, fresh graduates and young professionals looking to get real insight into the world of work, explore career fields, practice skills, create networking and gain international experience.

The process / interview / formal report + collection of documents / international promotion / SUCCESSFUL PLACEMENT / visa assistance / talent test / coaching session / academic credits / Ready to perform