the Passengers

The Passengers drive diversity and innovation to your team. We ensure a perfect match between talented young people and entry-level hiring needs of companies

Recruitment and Selection: We assist companies in identifying and recruiting interns by managing the application process, conducting initial screenings, and shortlisting candidates for further consideration.

Matching Candidates and Companies: We review skills, qualifications, and interests of individuals to match them with internship opportunities.

We partner with the best Latin America Universities and we present top class students/graduates

We take care of Visa procedures.

Are you a company looking for:

International Top Talent

Multicultural Team

Global Expansion

If you have Intern/Trainee roles available, we screen and present top candidates from diverse backgrounds

Companies that have hired with us:

A-hartrodtHong Kong
Circular HubCopenhagen
ChileMass NGOBoston
Mustakis NGOSantiago

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